Brave Maximus

Series: Car Robots
Year: 2000
Allegiance: Cybertron
Class: City 

Alternate Mode: Science Fiction Vehicle  - City/Base/Planet 

The warrior Plasma transforms into head mode and combines with Cybertron City's Master Brain to form the warrior Brave. He fully understands and trusts his fellow Cybertron fighters. When Brave calls out "Transform!" and changes into head mode, the ground splits asunder with a mighty roar, and Cybertron City changes into a colossal Transformer 350m tall. His ultimate deathblow attack, the "Final Burn," fires off all his cannons at once, enveloping the surface it strikes in white light and annihilating evil. When he transforms into the Super dreadnought-Class Battleship Maximus, he can carry Cybertron warriors and use the Space Cybertron Net to travel between fixed stars at the speed of light.


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