Series: Beast Wars
Year: 1997
Allegiance: Predacon
Class: Mega
Wave: Mega Beasts Wave 4

Alternate Mode: Animal: Insect/Spider 

Released by Hasbro

There are few that can match Transquito's uncanny ability to track and discover hidden Maximal outposts. Converting to combat mode, he can hold off several Maximals at once with huge, poison-tipped pinchers. Any unfortunate robot surviving a strike from these pinchers is immediately afflicted with an irritating rash and sent into a delirious rage. His powerful wings hurtle him to blazing speeds and create an annoying high-pitched screech known to drive Maximals out of their minds. His manner is highly obnoxious and dangerous, a point well illustrated by a frequent and destructive habit of firing his missile launcher unnecessarily when upset. Transquito is hated by all who know him.


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