Series: Energon
Year: 2004
Allegiance: Autobot
Class: Combat
Wave: Mega Wave 4

Alternate Mode: Animal: Reptile/Dinosaur 

We love to munch Decepticon metal!
Primitive in thought and simple in speech, what Grimlock and Swoop lack in intelligence they make up for in strength. They have given the Autobots the tactical upper-hand in battle time and again sending Decepticon legions retreating in fear. Swoop will often use his impressive aerial maneuvers to confuse and distract an enemy while Grimlock sneaks from behind and stomps that enemy before they even know what hit them. They then use their combined strength to ensure that there is little left of their unfortunate prey. Although they are armed to the nines with powerful weaponry, Grimlock and Swoop prefer to take down their enemies with razor sharp teeth and talons.


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Mega Dinobot
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