Signal Flare

Series: Superlink
Year: 2004
Allegiance: Cybertron
Class: Basic Omnicon 

Alternate Mode: Military Vehicle 

Released by Takara

My imagination is the key to winning!
Signal Flare is a Cybertron Omnicon and one of the greatest Energon welders of his kind. His Omnicon brothers depend greatly on his skills and experience. In vehicle mode he projects a powerful Energon beam from his radar dish that can take the shape of massive tools or weapons. Signal Flare is a silent warrior that prefers mastering the artistry of his Energon weapons to battle.
(Adapted from Energon Signal Flare's bio)


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Energon Star (484)
Energon Star
Energon Shields (485)
Energon Shields
Radar Dish (486)
Radar Dish

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