Series: KFC Toys
Year: 2016
Allegiance: Autobot

Simba´s origins are clouded by the mists of time, some say he is the reincarnation of an ancient hero, whose intellect has been suppressed by the savage nature of the cyber jungles he now inhabits; others believe he was the leader of an experimental pack of robotic beasts, escaped from a secret laboratory somewhere in the equatorial regions. Not even he can be sure where he came from, but recently some records have started unlocking in his databanks, images and words about a great swordsman, the greatest ever.

In robot mode, Simba wields a massive handgun, back mounted laser cannons and waist machine guns. He can use them all at the same time in a devastating power surge. His lion tail can also change into a sonic boom whip, especially feared by other cyber beasts. Able to convert into a space jet and gigantic flying lion, he controls the cyber jungle sector´s ground and sky without contenders to his rule. It is believed that Simba´s lightcore may be powered by the experimental Victorium ore, which would allow him a combination ability, though who or what he would combine with is the subject of speculation.

After receiving a mysterious transmission about old friends in trouble, he has decided to come out of the jungle for the first time in ages. It may be time for him to be a hero again and perhaps even search for the swordsman who will fulfill his destiny.

Third party version of Victory Lio


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