Silverbolt (BW) Jetstorm

Series: Beast Machines
Year: 2000
Allegiance: Vehicon
Class: Deluxe
Wave: Deluxe Wave 1

Alternate Mode: Airplane/Spacecraft 

I am not bound by the law of the land
The appointed General of Megatron's aero-drones, Jetstorm is the hotshot lord of the skies over the enslaved planet of Cybertron. Quite a talker, tends to engange in tactics of verbal intimidation. Headstrong attitude and less than modest personality often cause friction with the other generals - but impressive combat abilities speak for themselves. Outfitted with various types of energy blasters and plasma bombs. Extremely swift and maneuverable in vehicle mode. Rather flighty, Jetstorm never touches land. - must convert into robot mode where he hovers over the ground.


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