Series: Botcon Exclusives
Year: 2008
Allegiance: Autobot
Class: Deluxe

Alternate Mode: Car 

Tags: Shattered Glass 

Destroy it with style or don't bother destroying it at all!
Autobot Jazz and his brother Ricochet serve as Optimus Prime's powerful and merciless bodyguards. While the Seeker unit is designed to hunt down and destroy targets, Jazz and Ricochet stay with Optimus Prime to protect him against any and all threats. Jazz is one of Optimus Prime's most loyal and trusted aides. He only wishes to serve the glorious future that Optimus has laid out for the Autobots and he is completely convinced of his cause. Recently Jazz intercepted a series of transmissions from a planet called Earth. While garbled, he managed to decode and translate just enough to become enamored with the planet's culture. As a result he gave himself a new design pattern with his own special modifications. Everything he does has to be with style, from talking to simply transforming. While Optimus Prime finds this behavior strange, he allows Jazz some latitude from standard Autobot military practice as long as he remains loyal to him.


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Missile Launcher (1509)
Missile Launcher
Missile (1510)
Cyberkey (1511)

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