Series: Beast Machines
Year: 2000
Allegiance: Maximal
Class: Basic
Wave: Basic Wave 2

Alternate Mode: Animal: Mammal 

If you're strong enough, there are no precedents.
Highly intelligent, Longhorn is a warrior philosopher. One of the most powerful Maximals, believes that war is trying, but necessary. A talented strategist as well as a front-line warrior. Well liked by his comrades for his circumspect attitude and admired for tenacity in battle. Often shouts his slogan, "When I see Vehicons, I see red... when I see red, things get ugly!" before charging fearlessly into battle. Generates paralyzing thunderclaps by stomping on the ground. Reinforced skull and horns release concentrated lightning bolts. Despite serious demeanor Longhorn takes great joy in battle, especially when goring Vehicons. Considers himself a vegetarian.


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