Series: Generation 1
Year: 1987
Allegiance: Decepticon
Class: Headmaster 

Alternate Mode: Animal: Mammal 

Released by Hasbro

My pleasure with my enemy's pain comes.
Cruel, vicious, but apparently built with a few wires crossed. Talks to himself in a sing-song backward way: "Destroy the Autobots, I shall. Tear them to scrap metal, I will." Binary-bonded to Monzo a brutish, professional hyperwrestler turned underworld nightclub owner. In robot mode, uses photon pistol and thermal sword. In wolf mode, nose module is equipped with various tracking sensors. Can leap 0.8 miles.


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Photon Pistol (1092)
Photon Pistol
Tail Sword (1093)
Tail Sword

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