Series: Generation 1
Year: 1989
Allegiance: Decepticon
Class: Mega Pretender 

Alternate Mode: Airplane/Spacecraft 

Cover yourself with lies and no one will find you.
A two-faced, lying, cheating, back-stabbing scoundrel. The ultimate Decepticon villain. Armed with power-enhancing, impenetrable exoskeleton. Also equipped with electrostatic gun ports in shoulders and metal-eating laserbeam in forehead. Reserve fuel tanks in legs provide unlimited fuel supply and aerator hoses in chest emit noxious gases. Armed with cyclone cannon and transforms into interstellar jet that carries full payload of plasma charges. Outer shell jet equipped with neutron power pack that increases firepower by 50%. Combines with jet pod to form super jet armed with heat seeking laser blasters.


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Cyclone Cannon (359)
Cyclone Cannon
Laster Blasters (360)
Laster Blasters

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