Series: Armada
Year: 2003
Allegiance: Decepticon
Class: Maxcon
Wave: Maxcon Wave 3

Alternate Mode: Airplane/Spacecraft 

Released by Hasbro

Taste the cruel bite of my ruthless weaponry.
Thundercracker is a sleek high performance Joint Strike Fighter. In combat he utilizes two awesome offensive weapons: a huge laser sword for close hand-to-hand action and shoulder mounted high energy cannons for long range bombardments. Thundercracker is constantly trying to prove himself; working diligently to gain the attention of Megatron to get that positive reinforcement he so desperately seeks. But alas, his efforts are ignored and often taken for granted. With his frustration ever mounting he's forced to attempt increasingly risky and reckless maneuvers that put him in harms way and endanger the lives of other Decepticons. One day he'll take one risk too many and a smoking pile of ash will be his reward.


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Wing Sword (1215)
Wing Sword
Missiles (1216)

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