Waspinator (BW) Thrust

Series: Beast Machines
Year: 2000
Allegiance: Vehicon
Class: Deluxe
Wave: Deluxe Wave 4

Alternate Mode: Motorcycle 

There are no rules on the road - only the victors and scrap metal.
By far the most agile of the land based generals, the Vehicon Thrust is a lethal adversary against any Maximal. Extreme speed and shrewd handling make him a hard target. Subdued personality is a mystery - disposition reeks of a "rebel without a cause". The only general not intimidated by Megatron - always seems to know the correct thing to say. It is rumored that he hosts the Spark of former Predacon Waspinator. Outfitted with an enormous amount of firepower; fires energy pulses by spinning his front wheel while popping a wheelie. In robot mode, one arm functions as a rapid fire energy pulse weapon, the other a grappling hook. Cares for nothing but himself; often heard muttering the nihilistic phrase "To think is to say no."


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