Series: Universe 2.0
Year: 2008
Allegiance: Decepticon
Class: Deluxe Triple Changer 
Wave: Deluxe Wave 1

Alternate Mode: Truck  - Airplane/Spacecraft 

Released by Hasbro

Other Decepticons would call Tankor a dirtbag, if it wasn't for the high-octane fuel he supplies to them. He's a sleazy liar who will steal or manipulate anyone, so long as it helps him get his way. As such, he fits right into the most dangerous battlegrounds across the universe, where survival depends on maintaining an advantage. The only reason other Decepticons will have anything to do with him is that he always seems to have a supply of fuel when everyone else is tapped out.


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Melee Blade (149)
Melee Blade
Quad Laser (150)
Quad Laser

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