Starscream (G1) Starscream

Series: Titanium
Year: 2007
Allegiance: Decepticon

Alternate Mode: Airplane/Spacecraft 

One of the first warriors recruited to the Decepticon cause, Starscream is a vicious warrior and gleeful killer. Most Decepticons keep score of how many Autobots they take out, but Starscream carves himself little trophies out of their pelvic gimbals. As leader of the elite Seeker squadron assigned by Megatron to launch high speed, surprise assault on Autobot strongholds, and one of the old guard among the Decepticon leadership, he enjoys more freedom of opinion than many other Decepticons. Megatron is tolerant of his sarcasm and belligerent ambition only because Starscream is simply too efficient an engine of destruction to do without. It is not only his skill as a fighter that gives his Autobot victims pause. Before the war, he was an explorer and scientist, with many friends among the Autobots - Jetfire and Grimlock among them. Even then he was a bully and a manipulator, but few who knew him suspected he could be capable of the atrocities now attributed to him.


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