Sonic Bomber

Series: Galaxy Force
Year: 2006
Allegiance: Cybertron
Class: Ultra

Alternate Mode: Airplane/Spacecraft 

Released by TakaraTomy

Sonic Bomber formed a close bond with Galaxy Convoy during the Superlink Battles. Their friendship was forged in the treacherous interior of the unconscious Unicron, when they first combined to form the powerful Sonic Wing mode. Though he is a canny warrior with a keen tactical mind and wisdom beyond his years, he is still eager to prove himself to Galaxy Convoy and the other Cybertrons. As one of the few Cybertrons with a warp system capable of interstellar flight without the use of a space bridge, he is often assigned duties as a lone flanker, attacking enemy positions from behind. With weapons systems and armor to rival the most legendary warriors of Seibertron, he is more than up to the task!
(Adapted from Cybertron Wing Sabre's bio)


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Missile Launchers (1533)
Missile Launchers
Missiles (1534)
Sword Blades (1535)
Sword Blades
Sword Hilts (1536)
Sword Hilts
Force Chip (1537)
Force Chip

Team / Set:

Also part of the following combiner(s):

Sonic Convoy
Sonic Convoy


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