Optimus Primal (BW) Optimal Optimus

Series: Power of the Primes
Year: 2018
Allegiance: Maximal
Class: Leader

Tags: Prime Wars 

Available exclusively at the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC)


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Sceptre of Sparks (1818)
Sceptre of Sparks
Crown (1819)
Matrix Crystal (1820)
Matrix Crystal
Matrix Holder (1821)
Matrix Holder
Throne of the Primes (1822)
Throne of the Primes
Blasters (1824)

Team / Set:

Comes with Prime Master(s) :

Amalgamous Prime
Amalgamous Prime
Nexus Prime
Nexus Prime
The Arisen
The Arisen


Other Versions of the Mold:
Power of the Primes  Evolution Optimus Primal (2018)
Evolution Optimus Primal (2018)


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