Series: Cybertron
Year: 2005
Allegiance: Autobot
Class: Scout
Wave: Scout Wave 1

Alternate Mode: Military Vehicle 

Tags: Cyberkey: Earth Planet 

Possibly the most neurotic Autobot ever created, Scattorshot always gets the job done. As the right hand bot to Jetfire in protecting Earth, he worries so much about messing up in front of his legendary commander that he sets a nearly impossible standard for himself. Despite his clumsiness, he somehow never seems to fail, but his good luck just serves as proof to him that somewhere in the universe is a huge store of bad karma just waiting for the right moment to come crashing down on him.


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Handgun (1457)
Missiles (1458)
Cyberkey #s67k (1459)
Cyberkey #s67k

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