Series: Movie
Year: 2007
Allegiance: Decepticon
Class: Leader
Wave: Leader Wave 3

Alternate Mode: Military Vehicle 

Decepticon Brawl is proud to be a big, mean destruction-dealing machine. He's a one-robot wrecking crew, a mobile mass of mayhem, and a serious problem for Autobots and humans alike. His armored skin is thick enough to shrug off almost anything short of a point-blank blast from a fusion cannon, and his built-in weapon systems are more than adequate to bring down even the thoughest enemy. He lives for the thudding roar of his shells bursting among a cluster of enemies and the shrill crackle of his lasers cutting through the armor of an Autobot warrior. He is a fighter through and through, bored and moody during standby cycles, but happy as can be as he rolls into battle.


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