Series: Impossible Toys
Year: 2013
Allegiance: Decepticon

Alternate Mode: Airplane/Spacecraft 

From beginning to end, I am behind every great story
A mech who can be found telling tales over infused energy ale to eager receptors, best describes Boostor. A veteran of a thousand battles, Boostor is known well for his exploits both before the Tetras and after. This reputation led Banshee to recruit Boostor to be a member of the Elite Class Tetra Squadron (E.C.T.S.). Once re-imagined into a Tetra Squadron member, a new upgrade of Quadra Amp engines was installed. These engines produced a reverb effect that makes visible waves in the air. The color they produce changes upon the intensity of Boostor's emotions and colors have different effects on Boostor's targets. Red will cause self loathing, blue induces a paranoid state, yellow is hysteria, and orange is known to cause beings to lock up in a panic. These effects combined with Boostor's reputation makes for an imposing warrior. The sound of Boostor's engines makes some foes just lay down and wait to die while others flee.

Boostor, or Boastor as some call him, is known as a fake and as a killer elite hero. His reputation is true, no matter what is said; as he is a fake, and he fears those that do not fear him. He mocks and gloats over those that he kills with ease. A coward or hero, both serve him well as it allows Boostor to be underestimated and feared all at once, which is what Banshee wants. As Boostor becomes more feared and popular, it allows for Banshee to conduct himself without watchful eyes. Boostor knows his weaknesses and what is expected by Banshee. Live or die, truth or lie, none of these matter as he is a legend. Boostor will continue to play the role he has to and will enjoy the fame and kills along the way, for even Banshee underestimates the power of fame and propaganda. Boostor will be the greatest story teller, but he is also becoming too big for Banshee to control, which will soon bring the tale of Boostor to an end.


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