Series: Generation 1
Year: 1988
Allegiance: Autobot
Class: Small Headmaster 

Alternate Mode: Car 

Truth is revealed in the smallest detail.
Tough, no-nonsense type. Sometimes breaks rules in order go get what he wants. Works best when he works alone. As comfortable driving down a dark alley as he is on a well-lit, six-lane superhighway. Binary-bonded to Muzzle, a Nebulan private detective with an eye for detail. Carries two photon pistols and a plasma blaster with an infrared sight. Also equipped with visual and audio sensors. Usually gets by with just cool-headed logic.


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Plasma Blaster (1454)
Plasma Blaster
Photon Pistols (1455)
Photon Pistols
Helmet / Seat (1456)
Helmet / Seat

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Minerva (1988)


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