Jazz (G1) Meister Red

Series: Binaltech
Year: 2005
Allegiance: Cybertron

Alternate Mode: Car 

Do it with style or don't bother doing it.
Well versed in Earth culture, Meister serves as Prime's deeply trusted right-hand 'bot and was one of the very few members of the Autobots' Earth forces to escape the damage of the Cosmic Rust. However, in order to carry out a top-secret investigation related to the very existence of the BT Project, he had his brain transferred into a Mazda-made transformable body, which provided both a better disguise and GT system compatibility, and was reborn as a new Binaltech warrior. Working in cooperation with his replica automaton partner, he uses his superior intellect to accomplish any dangerous mission with style.
(Tech Spec by Hirofumi Ichikawa, translation by Doug Dlin)


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