Blitzwing (G1) Blitzwing

Series: Generations Thrilling 30
Year: 2013
Allegiance: Decepticon
Class: Voyager Triple Changer 

Alternate Mode: Airplane/Spacecraft  - Military Vehicle 

Within his heavily armored and highly destructive body, Blitzwing has the ice-cold mind of a master strategist. Sometimes. At other times, he is a boiling cauldron of rage, waiting for any excuse to unleash his firepower on the nearest target. And now and again he is a chaotic whirlwind of bizarre behavior and intermittent bursts of plasma fire. His unpredictability makes him a poor soldier, but his raw firepower and unstable mind make him a useful tool for a commander as capable as Megatron.


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Rifle (182)
Missile (183)
Scimitar (184)

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