Megatron (BW) Megatron

Series: Beast Machines
Year: 2000
Allegiance: Vehicon
Class: Mega
Wave: Mega Wave 2

Alternate Mode: Animal: Monster/Mythological  - Other 

Purification is the key to our salvation!
The leader of the new world order on Cybertron. Megatron has focused his ruthless energies on a new mission: to restore the machine-like purity of the Transformers. Creating a devastating virus that wiped out the inhabitants on Cybertron, Megatron populated the planet with Vehicons - vehicle Transformers with no spark. In robot mode - his preferred mode - Megatron plugs into his diagnostic drone, which controls every aspect of Cybertron. In beast mode, powerful jaws can crush all metals and alloys with ease. Breathes fire or ice. Will stop at nothing to fulfill his twisted vision of a new order.


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