Series: Animated
Year: 2008
Allegiance: Decepticon
Class: Leader
Wave: Leader Wave 1

Alternate Mode: Helicopter 

Released by Hasbro

Crush the Autobots!
Now that he has finally been able to build a body for himself, Megatron is more powerful than ever, and no force on Earth can stand against him. He is a fighter without equal anywhere in the universe. Backed up by his Decepticon soldiers, he is also an expert battle leader, without peer. He is as ruthless as he is ambitious. Megatron will stop at nothing to gain the AllSpark, and destroy Optimus Prime and his Autobots.


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Fusion Cannon (1012)
Fusion Cannon
Missile (1013)
Rotorblade Swords (1014)
Rotorblade Swords

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