Optimus Prime (Aligned) Optimus Prime

Series: Prime First Edition
Year: 2011
Allegiance: Autobot
Class: Deluxe

Alternate Mode: Truck 

The Decepticons ran rampant across Cybertron, destroying or subverting all for which the peaceful population of the world had worked. The planet lay in ruins, growing darker and colder as the energy requirements of the vast armies that hudled in the rubble of the once great cities sucket it dry. The survivors, desperate to stop the destruction of their home world, found themselves on the run and leaderless.

It was in this dark hour that Optimus Prime arose. He took control of the faltering army, stopped the enemy's advance, and mounted a desperate counterattack that broke the back of the Decepticon forces. Despite the victory, Optimus Prime was forced to lead his comrades in an evacuation of their home world, hoping to allow the planet the time and peace it needed to recover from the long and destructive war. But before he left, Cybertron bestowed on him the legacy of the Autobots - a powerful artifact known as the Matrix of Leadership.

Available only at SDCC 2011


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