Series: United
Year: 2011
Allegiance: Autobot
Class: Deluxe

Alternate Mode: Motorcycle 

Tags: Junkions 

What? Do you think it's just a scrap-heap? Can't you see the wonderful gifts sleeping in that?
A member of the Junkions, who are a tribe of scrappers in the universe. He is a young lad and has little experience, but he can identify qualities and find rare and valuable parts from junk. His comrades acknowledge his talent. He has not the slightest intention of ending his life as a scrapper, though, and always thinks that he wants to achieve something like great inventions. He hates to quote words from TV or to use distinctive accents. Therefore he makes an effort to speak in a manner of common language, especially in expressions willingly used by a young person.

E-Hobby exclusive figure, available in 3-pack with Clear Blue Hot Rod and Kup


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Hubcap Axe (1117)
Hubcap Axe
Wheel Shield (1118)
Wheel Shield

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