Series: Botcon Exclusives
Year: 1998
Allegiance: Maximal
Class: Voyager
Function: Maximal Berzerker

Alternate Mode: Animal: Mammal 

Released by Hasbro

Sometimes crazy works
Clad in the hide of a black, wild bear, Grizzly-1 gained fame early on in the Beast Wars, becoming a hero regarded as a living legend. Having gone missing during a mission in the Arctic region, he has now awakened from his icy stasis lock and returned to the lines of battle! Due to compositional flaws in his organic structure, he secretes a toxin that induces extreme agitation and confusion, increasing his ferocity to an astounding level. But by switching between his mutant head, which receives the toxin and hormones, and his rational robot head, he retains perfect control over the wild "Barbearian" within him. In order to display his destructive power most effectively, he commits himself to solo actions of guerilla warfare, demolitions and front-line combat. He fires powerful energon bolts from his chest, while the power claw equipped on his left shoulder can cruelly tear off an enemy's head module. He forms a team with his robotic bat partner Nightshriek, who transforms into a sonic pistol that can scramble an enemy's brain circuitry, but Nightshriek is the first to disappear when Grizzly-1 goes into his berzerker state. He has the makings of an excellent commander, but is blessed with few opportunities to display his true ability there.

Also under the name "Barbearian"


 Still to come 

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