Dinobot Striker

Series: Universe
Year: 2003
Allegiance: Autobot
Class: Deluxe

Alternate Mode: Animal: Reptile/Dinosaur 

I strike fast and I strike hard.
Striker is a frontline one-robot wrecking crew. When called into battle, he uses the inherent strength contained within his lumbering form to strike methodically and deliberately. His hide is constructed of specially treated poly-alloy armor, and plates across his back serve as secondary energy receptors. These plates on his spinal assembly can collect and store electrical energy and can be discharged at any opponent located within a 500 meter radius. This energy can also be channeled and used as a short range attack, fusing a target's circuits. His tail can be used to cause low level earthquakes near his immediate vicinity. In robot mode, the grappling rocket assembly in his tail can be used to penetrate most armor plating. Rumored to be a missing member of the first generation of Dinobots, Striker had, in fact, been abducted by the monster planet, Unicron, in his bid to regain dominion over the universe.


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