Series: Generation 1
Year: 1991
Allegiance: Autobot
Class: Motorvator 

Alternate Mode: Car 

Too hot to handle is ice cold to me.
The thinker in the Motorvator team. Brilliant advisor in battle and tracking tactics. Sneaky and cunning in a conflict situation. As mentally agile as Lightspeed is physically fast, he leaves Overlord behind him in the brain power stakes. Housing Energon figure equipped with problem solving analytical compu-unit. A vastly intelligent mechanism in comparion with Overlord's basic function Energon operators. Flameproof laser-evader proton armor makes both vehicle and robot an invincible attack force.


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Energon Figure (1385)
Energon Figure
Blaster (1386)
Sword Gun (1387)
Sword Gun

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