Series: Robots in Disguise
Year: 2002
Allegiance: Decepticon
Class: Ultra

Alternate Mode: Animal: Monster/Mythological 

Always know what your allies and enemies choose to ignore.
Cryotek is a gangster in Cybertron's dangerous criminal underworld. Once a brilliant engineer, he turned his talents to crime, along with advancing technologies that were outlawed. Cryotek runs a tight organization that skirts the law, embarrassing the Maximal Security Force, who could never dig up any evidence against him. Ironically, Cryotek's claim to fame would be his protégé, the rogue Predacon who would be called Megatron. Cryotek's greatest ideas would be co-opted by his former student. If there's one thing Cryotek's pride cannot stand, it's his own failures.
(Adapted from Cryotek's TFWiki entry)


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