Cheetor (BW) Cheetor

Series: Titanium
Year: 2007
Allegiance: Maximal

Alternate Mode: Animal: Mammal 

Like every young Autobot and Maximal speedster before and since, Cheetor was once a study in naiveté. Years of bitter experience in the Beast Wars have left him hardened, without the bright-eyed curiosity that caused him and other Maximal warriors so many problems. Seeing Cybertron under the thumb of Megatron and its population enslaved has left him grim, nearly crushing the former good humour out of his spirit. He has turned every bit the predator, and focused all of his energies on the liberation of his fellow robots. The conversion of Optimus Primal into some kind of strange religious fanatic by the Oracle has done nothing to help. Cheetor believes in his friend and leader, but the word of a mythical computer is not enough for him to go on a crusade. For Cheetor, the liberation of the sparks of the citizens of Cybertron is all that really matters. While Optimus Primal is distracted by prophecies and spirit-quests, Cheetor is forced to step into the unlooked for role of leader in the hope of bringing about the salvation of his kind.


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